Corporate Associate

Corporate Associate

Amazing Innovative Business Concept Creator Pvt. Ltd. ( AIBCC )

AIBCC provide local platform in India as Indian counter part to global players in technology & finance.

  • Amazing Innovative Business Concept Creator Pvt. Ltd. is recently formed Company to provide FDI benefit to the local bodies in all over India.
  • We are working in Municipal Corporations i.e. Urban bodies, local bodies to bring investment via FDI across the Globe.
  • We study bulk Water Treatment Plant Unit (WTP), water supply management, waste water treatment, garbage disposal and any other long term development work.

CELAR Water Equipment Company

We are primerily work in the water treatment segment and look forward to extend our product segment to Solar and other environment conservation and infrastructure projects.

We has an extensive path record in the design, supply and construction of plants in the region for the treatment of water and wastewater treatment solutions. In addition to being well versed in a full range of established and conventional processes, the company offers leading edge advanced water treatment solutions, and technologies.

M/s. A & S Infrastructure works in the innovative products, useful for the industries to develop Environment Friendly Atmosphere and Enhancement of Performance.