Rain Water Harvesting

Mosquito Elimination System

Super MES protect you from

  • • Dengue
  • • Malaria
  • • Chikangunya
  • • Yellow Fever
  • • Zika
  • • West Nile Virus WNV)
  • • Encephalitis


Advantages of Super MES:

  • Super MES is Very effective on controlling the mosquito born diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikangunya,Yellow Fever,Zika, West Nile Virus ( WNV) and Encephalitis.
  • Super MES is Safe for children , pets and livestock as it does not release any harmful chemicals into environment
  • linder of capacity of 9 kg, 12 kg, 18 kg Or it is also available in different capcities.The Super MES can be used with the CO2 cy
  • Approx 12 Kg of CO2 is sufficient for duration of one month with the one sift operation.
  • It works on the Power supply of 230 Volt, Single phase, and 5 Amperes which is commonly available in India
  • Super MES is more efficient and cost effective than other mosquito control measures like fumigation/ fogging.
  • CO2 and electricity are the only two major expenses to run the Super MES.
  • Super MES reduces the mosquito population by killing only those mosquitoes that bite. Since one mosquito can reproduce 3000 offspring. For every mosquito the MES kills it reduces the population by 3000 mosquitoes.
  • Super MES also attract and eliminate other insects that are attracted to heat and CO2. For example, gnats, no-see-ums and biting flies.
  • Apart from refilling of CO2 cylinder, the Super MES has no maintenance.
  • Machine generally has an attack area covering up to plane 1 acre ( without any obstacle).
  • Area of installation is small apprx 1 m x 0.6 m.
  • Super MES is non – polluting.
  • It starts it operation with immediate effect.

Operation of Super MES:

  • Super MES attract mosquitoes by mimicking body of their prey.
  • It imitates mammal breathing by provision of the temperature conditions and the release of carbon dioxide in order to attract mosquitoes.
  • The attracted mosquitoes are then sucked into the system and stay trapped within the vessel.
  • The trapped mosquitoes get electrocute on the electrocution grid within the vessel and mosquitoes remains fall out of the unit to the detachable mesh bag for disposal.

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