Civil Maintenance

Civil Maintenance For Exterior Wall Replastering & Painting

If your wall is facing leakages due to hairline cracks, dampness at external wall,
A & S Infrastructure offers specialised technical solution in waterproofing of wall externally, along with the 3-5 Yrs warranty.

We offer paint with the special quality of Antifungal, Elastomeric and Non fading quality. We offer 5 Yrs Warranty of colour.

Exterior Wall Replastering & Painting :

In Metro cities and suburbs more than 80% buildings are old and they all require re-plastering and refurbishing which include the maintenance of the pillars and columns , re-plastering, waterproofing and external wall paintings.

ANSI offers the specialize team for execution of the work.

ANSI offers specialize coatings which act as Waterproofing as well as painting for building.

The advantages offered are:

  • It forms a thin film
  • The film has good elasticity which further covers the existing hairline cracks
  • Basic colour of the film is white ,with the help of tinting gent different colour shade can be achieved.
  • UV rays reflector
  • The film is Anti algae and Fungal thus the coating remains free from decay of colour shade.
  • The external coating works as Exterior paint and Waterproofing system
  • The special treatment are take care for columns and beam.
  • Based on the quality of surface 3+ year warranty can be offered.

M/s. A & S Infrastructure works in the innovative products, useful for the industries to develop Environment Friendly Atmosphere and Enhancement of Performance.